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Competition Management System

Planning a large competition requires some serious amplitude. That’s why Beyond the Scores was hand-crafted with the help of experts who know the routine inside and out, to help you manage your meet from the first registration to the final score.

Competition schedule on ipad

Competition Schedule

Automatically add past and upcoming competitions to your club’s schedule so your athletes can get easy access to registration and session schedules, plan for the next meet, view competition results, and review their recent performances.

Competition schedule on ipad

Simplified Scoring

Beyond the Scores takes the hassle out of entering and displaying scores at your meet. Create customized channels and single- or multi-zone layouts, keep fans updated with live score announcements and banners, and separate leaderboards by team or age division. The web-based platform is password protected and stores all of your data in the cloud.

Organized Athlete Directory

Flexible categorization tools help you keep track of all your athletes, coaches, and staff members. Just assign everyone to the proper session, age division, flight, and squad - then set your session schedules and scoring rules.

Competition schedule on ipad
Competition schedule on ipad

Reliable Reporting

Pull reports from an extensive list of commonly used templates and export them as a PDF or CSV file. Get a high-level look at competition rosters, programs, and scores or drill down to view specific division, team, or athlete results and awards.

Comprehensive Dashboard Control

Monitor the progress of every event, in every session at your meet from a single location. The dashboard shows the real-time connection status of all score entry devices, and pop-up alerts will notify you if there is a problem or if someone is asking for help.

Competition schedule on ipad
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Ultimate Fan Experience

Today’s fans have set a high bar when it comes their sports experience. Beyond the Scores is the only fully-integrated scoring system that makes the judge’s results available to fans instantly. Fans can download the app on iOS or Android to keep an eye on all the action, no matter where they are.

Beyond The Scores is the most user-friendly score program I’ve ever used. It made the pre-meet director duties effortless, and cut down the time needed by 10 times at least! The display quality was the best I’ve ever seen.

- Kim Lauderdale Diamond Academy - Region 3, KS
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