• Beyond the Scores is a complete competition management and scoring solution that is 100% delivered to you over the web. There is no software for you to download. Simply navigate to BeyondTheScores.com and run your meet.

  • Create your roster

    Managing your club roster is easy!

    For each member of your gym you can attach contact information, the roles they play, and the leagues they belong to in an easy to use interface.

  • Plan Your Event

    Enter in the information for your meet that you want everyone to know. Include the venue, skill levels, and fee information for everyone to see. Have it published to the world when you are ready.

  • Invite The Competition

    Choose clubs to invite by simply typing the name, or city, or state.

    You can then preview and personalize your invitation before sending it out. Once your invitations are out you can simply monitor who is planning on attending and how many athletes they are bringing. Once you are ready to collect actual gym rosters, simply send out a request and let each gym tell you who they are bringing. Say goodbye to hand entering everyone else's athletes!

  • Organize Sessions

    Quickly organize your session schedule by using our wizards that enable you to filter on an athlete's skill level, gym affiliation, and age. This allows you to quickly accommodate those "special" travel requests by your favorite gyms. We have incorporated many graphical views into the main flow of the application to allow you to quickly balance your meet.

  • Create Age Divisions

    Use our age division wizard to quickly split groups of athletes with the same skill level into age divisions. Use the associated graphs to quickly verify how balanced they are across the session.

  • Build Squads

    Our squad wizard allows you to quickly place teams into rotation sequences and flights. Once athletes are in a squad you can have the system randomly pick who starts or you can sequence them yourself.

  • Build Your Score Displays

    Customize your own score display colors and layouts with our unique theme editor. Our state of the art live scoring stream allows you to display your scores on any TV, projector, or computer. You no longer need to purchase or rent those expensive single purpose scoreboards for your meets.

  • It’s GO TIME!

    The Competition Dashboard is designed to be the master control panel for your meet. During the meet you will navigate to this web page and use it to start/stop sessions. In addition, you will be able to see in real time the connection status of all of your score entry devices and the overall progress for each event in the session. The dashboard also has quick shortcuts to allow you to make last minute roster changes and print common reports such as heat sheets and awards.

  • Analyze Performance

    Analyze the performance of your club along with your individual athletes and compare the national, state, and regional statistics in our system. Track them over the entire season to gauge their progression and use it to drill into areas that your coaches can focus on. We have future plans for extending the analytics engine to give you new insight into the effectiveness of coaching curriculums and skill progressions throughout an athletes career.